Lee 7,62 mm Russisk Nagant 3-die sett, stål
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Lee Steel Die Sets have features identical to the Lee Carbide 3-Die Set except the case MUST be lubricated for sizing. Sizer Die, Powder Through Expander Die, Bullet Seater Die, Shellholder, Powder Measure and storage case included. Bullet seater die features and adjustable taper to roll crimp.

Special Note:

The Lee Nagant die set has the sizer die marked 7.62 Nagant and the other two dies are marked 32-20

This die set does not come with load data or any other cartridge information.

For best results you need to slug your Nagant barrel to determine the bullet diameter needed. .311 – .314 diameter bullets work best.

Starline 32-20 brass is likely to work without any alteration. Other brand 32-20 brass will require rim thinning or modification of the recoil plate.

Load data (one load) is located in the «Manual of Cartridge Conversions.» Product number 132259

This die set is intended to make shootable ammunition for these revolvers. This die set will not make ammunition that is a duplicate of original ammunition.

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