Lee Smeltegryte PRO 4-20 (10kg), 220 Volt
Produsent: LEE

2150,00 kr

Large diameter high capacity pot, holds approximately 20 pounds (10 kilos) of lead. A generous 3 3/4″ inches of clearance under the spout accepts all brands of bullet molds and most sinker molds. It also includes an adjustable mold guide to quickly and accurately position any mold for pouring. This second generation design incorporates the famous Lee patented high-efficiency design and dependable remote sensing thermostat, now in a dust tight housing. Long life 700-watt tubular heating element assures quick melting and rapid recovery. New micro adjustable, flow control valve adjusts instantly with a twist of the screw driver. Front mounted low maintenance replaceable valve spout allows instant reseating with a turn of a screwdriver.This melter will reach between 450 and 900 Degrees Fahrenheit (230 – 480 Degrees Celcius). Cast at the lowest temperature that will give good fill out. 650 Degrees Farenheit (340 Degrees Celcius) is a good starting point.


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