Lyman hylsebrett .565″
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223 WSSM,243 WSSM, 25 WSSM, 257Wby mag, 264 wby mag, 270 wsm, 270 wby mag, 7mm rem mag, 7mm wby mag, 7mm WSM, 7mm Rem saum, 7mm stw, 7mm rem ultra mag, 300 H&H Mag, 300 Rem saum, 300 WSM, 300 Win mag, 300 Rem ultra mag, 300 wby mag, 9mm rem mag, 325 WSM, 338 win mag, 340 wby mag, 338 rem ultra mag, 375 H&H Mag, 375 Ruger, 375 rem ultra mag, 416 Rem mag, 450 MArlin, 458 Win mag.

Lyman – an innovator in the field of case preparation and reloading – has introduced “Bleacher” Reloading Blocks. Lyman has taken a step up in loading block design with the “Bleacher” Blocks. The stepped design allows you to easily grip a single case without jamming your fingers down into a group of cases like in traditional loading blocks, and allows for a smaller footprint on your bench. Made of tough, durable polymer, the “Bleacher” Blocks are molded in three sizes to closely fit a variety of rifle cases. One size fits 223 size case heads, another fits 308 size case heads and the third fits belted magnum size cases. All hold 50 rounds.

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