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Many experienced reloaders and target shooters turn their case necks to help remove every variable from reloaded ammunition to help create the most repeatedly accurate ammunition possible. By ensuring that each case neck has consistent neck thickness reloaders are able to ensure that seated bullets have the same amount of tension holding them in place so when the shot is fired the bullet will leave the case as evenly as possible resulting in a tighter group down range. The RCBS Hand Held Case Neck Turner is designed to shave small amounts of brass from the outside of the case neck creating consistent neck thickness. The cutter on the tool uses caliber specific pilots (sold separately) to guide the case neck. The tool can be zeroed to the pilot then adjusted in 0.0005″ increments with the micrometer dial to the desired case neck thickness. The quick change case holder features an ergonomic design that allow reloaders to rotate the case and put forward pressure to feed the case neck to the cutter. The quick case change feature helps to speed up the process without having to use small obtrusive thumbscrews. Will work with right or left hand reloaders.

Technical Information:

Material: Steel

Calibers Size Accepted:17-50 Caliber

Pilots Used: RCBS (sold separately)

Accuracy: 0.0005″

Features: Ergonomic case holder, right or left handed use, micrometer adjustable, ability to zero the cutter to the pilot/mandrel

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