Redding 223 Remington Neck sizer die-sett Type S Match Bush
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The new Type S – Bushing Style Neck Sizing Die provides reloaders with a simple means to precisely control case neck size and tension. Uses interchangeable sizing bushings (sold separately) available in .001″ increments. The adjustable decapping rod allows positioning the bushing to resize only a portion of the neck length if desired. Concentricity is enhanced by the ability of the resizing bushing to self-center on the case neck. The decapping rod is supplied with a standard size button. A decapping pin retainer is also supplied with all Type S – Bushing Dies. This enables neck sizing without the use of the size button for those who sort and/or turn case necks for uniformity. Includes: Type S Bushing Style Neck Sizing Die, body die, competition seater die, spare decapping pin and hex wrench.

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